Spokane WA DUI LawyersOur firm is led by a defense attorney who has been doing DUI jury trials for 20 years. Mr. Graham is often called on to express his opinion on DUI laws by such prestigious publications as the Wall Street Journal. Mr. Graham was rated one of the top 5 criminal defense lawyers by Spokane-Living magazine. Mr. Graham is a former elected prosecutor, and did his first DUI jury trial when he was just 24 years old.

Spokane-DUI-Lawyer-300x168Successfully defending a DUI takes a broad array of legal knowledge and experience. DUI defense depends on the technical understanding of the scientific principles underlying the breath instrument. The legal precedents of constitutional law protect us from arbitrary police action and misconduct.

Our DUI lawyers have fought and won cases by hiring experts to testify as to the inaccuracy of the BAC test, and other important issues.

The breath test is not as accurate as the Washington State Patrol would have you believe, and many factors can affect the breath reading. Certain medical conditions, breathing patterns, and alcohol trapped in denture plates or chewing tobacco can lead to falsely high BAC readings. Our Spokane DUI lawyers can look at your case and give you an assessment on how your case can be challenged. No two cases are the same, and effective representation means taking a close look at all the evidence in each case. Our DUI lawyers often will subpoena video footage from dash cameras, security cameras, the officers’ notes, and audio recordings of radio traffic.

Anthony-Martinez-300x223In many cases, the best offer does not come upfront from the prosecuting attorneys. Prosecutors often try to draw a hard bargain on DUI cases. There can be considerable political pressure on district attorneys on such cases particularly when it is the second or third offense. DUI defendants are entitled to an attorney that is equally dedicated for fighting for their innocence.