New DUI Laws Take Effect

Minor-operating-vehicle-of-02We have received a lot of calls this year about the new Washington DUI laws that pertain to conditions of release pending trial. When a DUI defendant appears in court, he or she will be ordered by the judge to follow certain conditions until the charge is resolved. Historically, these conditions have sometimes include the posting of bail, an order not to consume alcohol, and an order to stay out of places that serve alcohol for consumption on the premises. However, under the new Washington laws, if a person has a prior conviction for an alcohol related offense, he or she will be ordered by the judge to install an ignition interlock device on his or her car as a condition of release.  The court may also order a 24/7 sobriety monitoring program as a condition of release.  This monitoring program includes urinalysis testing to make sure that a person is not drinking any alcohol.  Various programs are not being set up throughout Spokane to address this need.