Fighting a DUI in Spokane

A lot people arrested wonder what a DUI lawyer can do to help them. “I blew over .08, can we really fight this?” People need to understand three important facts:

  • The breath instrument is not accurate.
  • The police must follow technical rules in DUI cases.
  • The prosecuting attorneys make compromises to lessen their caseload (particularly for 1st time offenders).
  • A DUI lawyer is a full-time commitment to learning the science behind the breath instrument, and the technical requirements involved with the breath test.

There are a number of different factors that can affect the accuracy of the breath instrument, including:

  • Breathing patterns
  • Elevate body temperature (fever)
  • A diabetic condition
  • Working in proximity to paint thinners / solvents
  • Chewing tobacco, mouth jewelry, and dentures
  • Increase in red blood cells (hematocrit)
  • Mouth alcohol from belching or partial regurgitation
  • Our firm has won DUI cases based on these factors, and we have hired renowned scientific experts to testify in court.

If you or your loved one is facing a DUI allegation, you deserve top representation to defend the case.