How Long Will I Lose My Driver’s License if I am Convicted of DUI?

The duration of a license suspension in Washington depends on the breath test level, how many prior alcohol-related convictions there are on a person’s record, and whether the suspension is based on a Department of Licensing administrative hearing, or a court case. The determination of the length of the suspension period can be complicated. For an individual with no prior offenses, the suspension is for 90 days if the breath test level was under .15. If an individual blew over .15, license suspension is for a year. For a person with one prior conviction who blows over .15, the suspension is 2 years. For a 2nd offense DUI with a breath test over .15, the duration of the suspension is 900 days. The Department of Licensing will often allows drivers to obtain an Occupational Restricted License (ORL) or Ignition Interlock License(IIL).