What Our Clients Say About Us


“I hired this firm for a DUI charge.  My job depended on keeping my license & these lawyers were able to beat DOL.  We also got the charge carried over for two years, at which time the charge will be dismissed, and nothing will be on my record.  My lawyer was great to work with and was always easy to get ahold of.”
— R.O. Spokane County


“I got stopped for a DUI, and was over .20.  Mr. Graham got it down to a Negligent Driving First Degree.  He also beat DOL.  Thank you Steve!  He was very helpful throughout the whole process.  He was even available on the weekends.”
— K.H.  Spokane


“I’m a college student in Pullman and got charged with a DUI at the end of summer 2013. Originally, I didn’t know how I was going to go about dealing with the DUI, so I was just going to have a court appointed lawyer represent me. The court appointed lawyer, however, told me that worst case scenario, I get a DUI, and best case, a physical control. I wasn’t very happy with what I heard and decided to look for representation elsewhere. A family friend recommended Steve Graham and gave me his contact information. I’m very happy that I found Mr. Graham as he is very easy to work with and extremely good at what he does. I ended up with a Negligent Driving degree 1 and no jail time. I highly recommend Steve Graham for anyone facing a DUI or any other criminal charge because he’s got a lot of experience and can help you out tremendously.
— K.G. Pullman